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1.Document Screening

From the entry form, give a self-introduction and list 5 points about yourself that you want to sell to us.

2.Video Screening

Select one song from the following 5 songs:

It doesn't matter if you shoot your video with a cell phone or a camera.

Please shoot the video in such a way that we can see your upper body as well as your facial expressions/mouth movements from the video.

File format: mp4 / MOV / AVI 

Send using a data transfer service such as DROPBOX or GIGAFILE.

(Please set the storage period to 30 days or more)

  • Apollo

  • Lost In Forever

  • Watch Me Burn

  • Curse

  • Sanctuary

​Regarding the music provided by the band for audition purposes

・The use of this outside of activities related to the audition process is strictly prohibited.

・If the user does not comply with the above, the user shall be responsible for compensating for any damages caused to Crystal Lake or other third parties due to reasons attributable to the user in connection with the use of this music.


the message has been sent.

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